Projects deployment and digital learning solution : SucceedEngage

Structured group meetings around a collaborative platform.
Interactivity, learning and appropriation for meeting that get things done.
Teamwork to learn better from each other.

  • Implementation

    Only 10% of the information comes through during a cascading project deployment … With SucceedEngage, the information goes directly to the operational manager and his / her team, without filtering or risk of online loss. 

    Each entity holds its meeting at the time that suits it in order to take the schedules of each into account. The platform can evolve over time to adapt to the challenges and messages deployed.

  • Assist the manager

    SucceedEngage helps and supports the manager to deploy the key messages of the company and allows him / her to be accompanied in his/her leadership role.

  • Meetings

    At a management meeting of 40 minutes to 1h30, the teams are guided in their reflection by a questioning protocol built with the steering committee. It is made of open and closed questions, accompanied by videos and documents.

    The key messages of the management committee are delivered in a homogeneous way to all the operating entities according to the planed protocol.

  • Interactivity, learning and appropriation

    Each protocol question is an opportunity for teams to exchange and compare their points of view. The exchange is animated by the manager. It is a collective dynamic that promotes ownership and everybody’s involvement.

    The analysis of all contributions is made possible and facilitated by the semantic grouping of Meeting Software®. The collected information is continuously accessible.

  • Learn better from each other : The Noria Effect

    As soon as the team has answered, it can immediately compare its answers with those of all the other participants thanks to the semantic grouping. It is thus possible to feed everybody’s reflection, start a new stage of exchanges to encourage team learning to new behaviors.

  • Reporting and meeting progress control

    The steering committee has a monitoring platform concerning the content of the exchanges and can therefore easily analyze the results to quickly adapt its message if necessary.

    It ensures that the information has arrived ‘below’ and that everyone takes part in the meetings, while knowing what has been said!

Succeed Together recommends the participation of a pilot group of managers in the construction of the meeting session in order to better identify their needs in terms of assistance, to know how they feel about the approach and the impact it will have, and have a community of operation ‘sponsors’.

Learn better from each other :  Noria allows to compare with the other teams in order to feed everybody’s reflection and start a new stage of exchanges.

Strategy deployment: EDF CAP 2030

The need

Accompanying EDF in deploying the communication of this new strategic plan:

To have a unique and exhaustive presentation of the CAP 2030 project, to federate all EDF employees and develop their membership in order to guarantee the implementation conditions and to create real exchanges between the actors.

Succeed Together’s answers

Establishment of a collaborative platform in support to the organization of 5,000 meetings involving 160,000 employees in 2 parts:

1 / A unique content contribution of all the supports of the new CAP 2030 strategic plan.

2 / A collaborative dialogue allowing the managers to develop with their collaborators a pedagogical path of questioning and thus facilitating the appropriation of CAP 2030 within each team.


1 / An economic deployment of 5,000 meetings in 6 months involving all employees in their workplaces.

2 / A central role given to managers but facilitated by the platform. A satisfaction expressed by employees.

3/ Precise evaluation of the deployment and segmented returns.