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Streaming Question

Increase productivity and engagement during your meetings and events at any scale.
People share their ideas spontaneously, anonymously.
An intuitive interface that works everywhere, that adapts to all types of meetings, at a single price.

  • Questions and comments

    Without interrupting interventions, Streaming Questions allows all participants to ask their questions and give their opinion live. They can directly target the subject or the speaker. No need to create an account or to download anything. They can very simply send their questions through any device.

  • Voting

    Only questions validated in real time by the moderator will be visible for participants and stakeholders. A short list of questions is also transmitted to the facilitator or directly to the speakers. It will be processed live or at the end of the presentation. Participants can vote at any time for or against questions to highlight those that are of particular interest to them. The dialogue between the room and the stage will thus focus on the questions and the concerns the mostly shared by the participants!

  • Stats and follow-up

    At the end of your event, Succeed Together provides you with all questions and comments. This is a valuable database to keep in order to enable the exchange to carry on over time. Participants are particularly appreciative to get feedback on the questions asked during the event, even those that have not been processed.


Facilitate the restitution of workshops by bringing fluidity and dynamism to the plenary session.
Present in a coherent and interactive format the work done, preserve and re-use the productions quickly.

  • Privileged moments

    The overall restitution of group work is often long and tedious. As a result, it is often avoided, which can lead to frustration.

    Exchange times in workshop are, nevertheless, often moments privileged during conventions or a seminars.

    These special moments are guided by a questioning pedagogy which is carried out by Succeed Together.

  • results reusable in real time

    SucceedWorkshop is a fun and intuitive platform. Renditions become dynamic and immediately available. It capitalizes the whole of the production to produce a synthesis in delayed time.

    Synthesis production and quantifiable results in real time and usable in plenary session: the participants see the culmination of their efforts

Game With a Purpose : Gwap

Playing while learning, learning whilie playing.
Cohesion and emulation while preparing the mind to new key messages.
A pedagogical game in order to test knowledge on key topics.

Team spirit

Tables become teams, which answer multiple choice questions on the main themes of the event with the ipads.

Integration of key messages

The right answers are revealed after eacht themes, it is an opportunity to pass on the key messages, which are better integrated by the participants.

Outcome and conclusion

Before showing the final ranking, the teams answer the totally quirky 1000 points question, which randomly awards the win to a team, in order to downplay the game and its results.

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