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Seminars, conventions, workshops…new ways to interact with SucceedMeeting

Energize your meetings and boost interaction!
Engage your participants to make impactful meetings at scale.
Show the results immediately with semantic analysis in real-time.

  • Upstream preparation

    Succeed Together accompanies you upstream of the event to create a pedagogical protocol of questioning (poor questions = poor answers) We also offer a library of questions (closed or open). Whether it is a dedicated work session or several workshops punctuating the day, SucceedMeeting turns your event into a strong collaborative event.

  • All talking together

    Participants are ideally divided into tables of 4 to 8 people. An ipad is put on each table to involve everyone and put each individual in an active posture. This initiates and guides exchanges to encourage collaboration. They answer with the ipad during the allocated time, without consensus. The answers are anonymous and written down, All can express themselves without being frightened of how others will look at them. All ideas are taken into account, there is no good or bad answer.

  • Semantic analysis

    New way to interact : Accelerate exchanges and facilitate collaborative work: Meeting Software® produces the semantic grouping. The synthesis of the answers is then broadcast in real time, one can easily identify strong ideas and take note of weak signals. Speakers can react straight away to the results and create a dialogue with the people in the room. Interactivity begins: through the exchange and debate between the speakers and the collaborators.

  • Results

    Once the event is over, a report containing all the participants’ production and a summary note summarizing the key points of the day are given to you. They will constitute an extremely rich material to nourish your reflection and make live the dynamics to encourage collaborative intelligence.

  • Going further in animation

    SucceedWorkshop to organize and facilitate the restitution of your workshops

    Streaming Question to allow participants to ask questions during the meeting, poll the audience through votes, evaluate and interview your audience during and after the meeting.

    Gwap ‘Game with a purpose’ to learn by playing. Participants’ knowledge is tested on key topics, without pressure to prepare minds for new messages.

One ipad per table to facilitate exchanges and boost interactivity. All ideas are welcome without consensus.

Contributions are processed and grouped semantically by Meeting Software® to identify strong ideas and weak signals.

They liked Succeed Together

“It’s a perfect solution to try to find a way to effectively bring members comment and feedback together in one goal in one conference room. The software was very productive, very reliable.”

Donald WatkinsDeputy Executive Director, Nexia

“We were able to do in one day what we would have done in two days.”

Alain Van VyveSenior Consultant, Renault Nissan Consulting

“Working and capitalizing on the expectations of change, comparing and synthesizing immediately the feelings of the agents from the three entities in a concrete way.”

François DaudetChief Executive, RSI Ile de France

“This is how to succeed together, multiply the debates, multiply opinions … Everyone has the power.”

Erik OrsennaHonorary President Open Agrifood 2015