Mission and Vision

Succeed Together provides you with digital and collaborative platforms to boost interactions, and to get rid of the time constraint in the processing of your text data. Set a learning organization in motion and learn better from each other.

For ten years, Succeed Together has invested heavily in R&D in natural language Processing and artificial intelligence. Succeed Together pioneers in the semantic analysis of textual data for business : we have been able to transform the ways our clients and partners use their collective time and design their online surveys.

New way of interact : Involve and make collaborate as many people as possible, thanks to our semantic analysis software, Meeting Software® .

Giant breakthroughs come from collaboration : With 9 years of experience during which we have been supporting our clients’ exchanges, we, experts in management change and adult education, design customized solutions to facilitate and accelerate the efficiency of your privileged management sessions: SucceedMeeting for your meetings , Pulsation for your weburveys, SucceedEngage for the deployment of your projects and SucceedData for the semantic analysis of your data text.