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Data semantic analysis : SucceedData

Improve customer experience and enhance HR data for social climate through semantic analysis.
Take advantage of your company’s untapped data to aggregate them and detect weak signals.
Create value from your unmined sources, see the big picture and identify risks and opportunities.

Collecting data

Customer mailings, marketing studies, open-ended questions in a survey, transcripts, satisfaction barometers … Each company has countless text data but does not necessarily have the time or human resources to process them.

SucceedData allows immediate processing of this data at a largely competitive cost compared to manual processing. Your company’s internal data contain value that can improve productivity, profitability and reduce costs.

Semantic analysis

For an ever more efficient semantic analysis, Succeed Together performs the fracking of all the text data sent. This first algorithm allows the separation of the themes  present in each of the comments in order to isolate strong ideas in long sentences.

The contributions are then analyzed and grouped semantically according to the chosen segmentation: geographical, functional, etc.

Monitoring and personalized reports

This type of study requires in most cases several weeks, As a result, Succeed Together commits to provide you with a detailed report within a maximum of 2 working days.  The analysis of the satisfaction studies and of the internal surveys are facilitated : Understand customers’ immediate expectations and measure dissatisfaction, improve employee engagement and manage talents thanks to open questions, identifying risks, detecting weak signals. This result restitution reactivity allows quick decisions on subjects of immediate discontent.