Websurvey and data collection service : Pulsation

Collecting ideas of a maximum of collaborators, clients, partners, easily, simply and quickly.
Buid better surveys, get better insights.

To question

Questioning protocol including open and closed questions. Let each voice be heard, individually, with the same weight because every individual counts. The use is simple and anonymity is guaranteed. Pulsation is available in French, Spanish or English separately.

To deploy

1 mail, 1 link, 1 click: Create and send surveys with easily. If desired, we will take care of the launch, the resumption and of the closing e-mail of the survey.

Keep survey quality high and maintain brand consistency with your image, documents, logo, and more.


The technology  should be about helping people making better decisions. We quickly produce you a rich and easily exploitable synthesis thanks to the semantic analysis. Contributions are analyzed according to the chosen segmentation. 

Personalized reports

The organizers have access to a personalized platform allowing them to consult the results of the survey.  The time constraint is removed and you can focus on uncovering insights from your data.

Pulsation, what for ?

To conduct an isolated survey or a subscription in support of a regular managerial practice to keep the organization on positive tension.

To collect content before your next seminar and the themes that participants would like to see addressed.

Simply to know their feelings and feedback concerning a thematic or measure the impact of an action.

To support the launch of a strategic plan.


And most of all to to give consideration, and make smarter decisions.

An interrogated collaborator is an involved collaborator.